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Alert! for Android   When you absolutely, positively have to see that message.

Example Pop-Up Alert

To install, from your phone use the Go to Alert! link, or run the Market app on your phone, then search for Nobix.

Just $0.99!

When an alert is triggered, a message alert page is displayed on your phone showing the time, sender and text.

Or, you can also bypass the message alert page and have Alert! go directly to your phone's built-in messaging app.

The ringtone of your choice plays for whatever period of time you have chosen for that message. Alert! also comes with seven loud and distinctive alert tones (you can add them to your existing tones) that will grab your attention.

Silent and vibrate modes are supported, and may also be overridden so that the ringtone plays even when the phone is set to silent.

Use the Alert! text-to-speech feature to hear the alert spoken to you. This is especially handy when driving or doing some other task that cannot be interrupted.

Alert! may be used by itself or in with our PageAlert software and other monitoring products, so that escalating alerts sent to your phone may be canceled via a reply from the phone.


You configure the sender names or message text that you want to be alerted to, along with your ringtone choice. When a message is received that matches what you have configured, a special alert box is displayed and your ringtone is played. Sounds for messages may play from zero seconds to continous. You configure which messages play for how long.

Any number of message and ringtone combinations may be configured. Alert! is simple to configure and easy to use. You'll never miss an important message again.

Alert! is how do you make the important and urgent messages standout. Alert! forces you to take notice. Messages may come from your coworkers, friends, or automated systems and equipment.

Never miss another critical message from your office, jobsite, monitoring software or equipment again!


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Nobix Alert!

When you configure an Alert! Message Profile, you configure the Received Text that you wish to match on. This may be all or part of the message text, sender's ID or name that you wish to match on.

You then select a ringtone from your available ringtones and notification sounds, and the number of seconds you wish the ringtone to play. You may select a number of seconds or continous play. You may also select silent or vibrate.

Selecting Honor Silent Mode tells Alert! that you wish it to remain silent or vibrate when you place your phone into one of those modes. Or you may leave it unchecked, which means the ringtone or sound will play even though your phone is in silent or vibrate mode.

Select Text-to-Speech to have the message automatically read to you when it is received. You can stop and start the playback for each message as many times as you wish.

If you are using Alert! with PageAlert Server software, you may choose to select Enable Cancellation. This allows you to configure an email address and response text that provides for automatic cancellation of PageAlert escallating alerts.

Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure, Alert! ensures your attention is called to any number of message and ringtone combinations. It runs on your Android smartphone, has a small footprint and is priced at only $0.99!

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  • Configurable incoming message text matches on all or part of message text or sender's ID or name.
  • Pattern matching characters may be used to narrow or widen the matching text or name.
  • Plays the ringtone of your choice depending on the message received
  • Has Text-to-Speech feature for reading you the message when you can't be interrupted
  • Plays for a number seconds, continuously, or will vibrate or stay silent
  • Comes with seven new notification sounds that you may wish to use.
  • Allows you to turn off notification sound for certain matching messages.
  • Works with our PageAlert Server software and Microsoft Exchange Server to provide you with automated cancellation of escallating alerts

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