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  Nobix Alert  (Desktop Pop-Up Alerting)

Reliable, immediate messaging to your network's desktops.

Alerts that cannot be ignored.

Nobix Alert software allows you to send messages directly to your company desktops. Pop-up message boxes appear with your messages and your user's responses are logged. Send a message to one desktop, users in a distribution list, or broadcast to all. You may also integrate it with your applications for an automated message delivery solution.

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It's a simple system. Simple to install, simple to use, inexpensive, and it will have a dramatic, positive effect on your company internal communications.

Your employees receive alert messages almost instantly with just a few clicks from you, or automatically from your software and hardware systems.


Email is too easy to ignore, and uses resources and filters that can't guarantee arrival and immediate display in front of your people.

Nobix Alert software uses few resources, doesn't filter your message, and puts a pop-up right in the middle of their display that can't be ignored -- especially if you send an audible notification of your choosing. All this, less than a moment after you press a button.

You can send messages from the Alert Server's Messaging Interface, as well as build the command line program into your applications, scripts, email systems, etc. Send messages directly from your applications to your desktops. You have full control over recipients and distribution lists. Both HTML and plain text are supported in the display.

Nobix Alert Messaging
Use Alert to send messaging for any reason
  • System shutdowns
  • Meeting reminders
  • Emergency alerts
  • Build it into your applications
  • Anything you can think of...

Alert is your best solution for immediate communication to your staff, with messages that cannot be ignored.

Once the message box pops up on their display, the user can either choose to acknowledge the message, or overtly ignore it. Either way, their response is logged on the Nobix Alert server.

This software is so easy to install and use. The user's desktop installation takes just a few moments, can be remotely installed from the Alert server, and requires no interaction on the part of the user. The Alert server is normally installed in just a few minutes. No special "extra" software is required. Everything you need is in the download.

Alert server software comes with an easy-to-use interface. With it you can...

  • Send a message
  • Manage distribution lists
  • Set message schedules
  • Manage recipients, including auto recipient generation
  • View message/recipient status
  • View message history

An example alert, sent from an automated event monitoring system (roll over it to enlarge):
Nobix Alert Example

Alert Server is licensed for one or more Windows platforms and is very reasonably priced at just $50 for 5 recipients, and $499 per 100 recipients, for a one year subscription. Via appropriate licensing, the server can send to any number of desktops. The user's desktop software that displays the pop-up's and that users interact with has no license fee.

Download the free trial for 5 recipients (runs for two weeks) and evaluate this software for yourself. Go to Download Page.

A single Nobix Alert command line interface is included with the Windows Alert server, and additional versions are also available for most every environment, including UNIX, Linux, Windows and MPE/iX. The MPE version has no license fee.

  Alert Server One Year Subscription (5 recipients):  $50.00, Quantity
  Alert Server One Year Subscription (100 recipients):  $500.00, Quantity

    Features         Benefits         Interface         Specifications    
  • Windows interface for sending messages and configuration.
  • Alert pop-ups display in front of the user a moment after the message is sent.
  • Message transmissions and responses are logged.
  • Pop-ups may play a sound, or beep, for any specified time period until acknowledged.
  • Alert pop-ups can be scheduled in advance or set as repetetive and used as reminders.
  • Failed message transmissions are automatically re-tried until they expire.
  • Can be integrated into applications and scripts which allows almost any software to initiate an alert.
  • Distribution lists for easy one-click selection of small or large numbers of users.
  • Easily integrated with OpenView, MOM, and others.
  • Broadcast notifications- alerts can be broadcast to multiple personnel simultaneously.
  • Pop-ups are displayed in a tightly controlled browser dialog. You may display plain text or formatted HTML.

Pop-up alerts can be initiated from the Alert Server's Messaging Interface, an application on your UNIX/Linux/Windows servers, and just about anything running on your systems.

Example Pop-Up Alert
Pop-ups can appear when you want to send a one-time message, a scheduled message, or an application specific message.
All pop-up transmissions and responses are logged. You know when the message was sent, when it popped, and when the user responded. Each message is assigned a uniique message tracking number.
Pop-up messages can be sent to individual workstations or to an entire distribution group. Distribution groups are made of workstations and other distribution groups. With just a few clicks you can send or configure a pop-up for one person, a department, or an entire company network.
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