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Web Based Document and Report Viewing


Reports and documents may be stored selectively as objects in the database, or as individual document files on direct or network storage accessbile by the web server. Most any type of storage may be used.

ElectroPage/X can accept documents from virtually any or all of your document and report generating applications and systems.


Viewing & Access
All view access as well as administration is browser based. Users navigate using virtual folders that represent functional areas of responsibility. The ElectroPage/X administrator has full control over how documents are named, organized, and secured.

All browser document types are supported, including text, images, PDF, and Office. Some document types require browser plugins. Depending on permissions users may upload and download documents directly from or to their workstation.


Document storage is not directly accessible by browsers or end-users. All access must go through the ElectroPage/X website. The ElectroPage administrator creates permission groups, which are assigned to folders, documents, and users. Different types of permissions may be granted.

All browser connections to ElectroPage/X use SSL for secure encrypted data transmission. Users are authenticated using Active Directory or a custom authentication scheme.


ElectroPage/X provides secure, easily accessible document and report storage, archival, and viewing. Because it is browser based, no end-user or client software is necessary beyond a web-browser. ElectroPage/X is easy to use, requiring minimal or no training.

Reports and documents can be sent into ElectroPage/X from almost any network connected machine. This means that all of your automatically generated documents can be centrally accessible, in a centrally archived system. In addition, documents may be placed in a "pick-up" folder to have them inserted into the document archive. Users may also be given permission to directly upload documents from their workstation.

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