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Background Job Scheduling
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Our software helps data centers and the IT professionals who run them. You may be looking for better control over your backgroud jobs or scheduling software that has more features, or at least a notification when something goes wrong. We provide scheduling and monitoring automation software and background processing is our business.

JobQue/X is easy to install and configure. JobQue is horizontal in application and you can count on it for automating your Windows, UNIX and Linux background processes and otherwise manual tasks, improving productivity and getting more done.

This Nobix website is currently being reconstructed. JobRescue documentation is available on the Documentation tab above.

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Nobix has been providing the best value in IT management software for over 34 years. We deliver IT products specifically for batch job scheduling and automation, at prices lower than alternative software products.

Our software is easy-to-use and powerful. Use it to cost-effectively automate background job processing for UNIX, Linux, and Windows environments.

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