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ElectroPage efficiently manages both online report viewing and print distribution from a single application. With access to reports online, system administrators and other users can review, save, manage and distribute reports without printing. Selected materials can be printed on demand. ElectroPage eliminates the need for separate report storage, retrieval, and distribution packages, and can save a tremendous amount in paper and printing costs.
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  • Online storing and viewing of reports
  • User specific viewing preference
  • Automatic report interrogation
  • Saving reports online for specified days and generations
  • File level security
  • Hierarchical folder organization
  • Predefined global or report-specific indexing
  • Downloading reports to PCs
  • Printing support for local and host system printers

  • Eliminates printing costs
  • Allows users to customize the way they see report data
  • Eliminates the need to review reports manually
  • Saves time, resources, and printing costs
  • Gives instant notification of report completion and status
  • Provides flexibility and control of the archiving process
  • Ensures appropriate users have access to reports
  • Allows users convenient access to information
  • Speeds retrieval of information
  • Provides users with local desktop flexibility
  • Allows users to print any report, or portion of a report, on demand
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