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JobQue for MPE/iX

JobQue automates the important task of scheduling batch processing activities. Featuring an easy-to-use Windows client interface, JobQue's unprecedented flexibility enables system administrators and managers to plan long- and short-term schedules, and make one-time changes to existing schedules quickly and easily. After simple definition of the production schedule, JobQue starts jobs automatically.
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  • Job streaming based on time or job completion
  • Job or schedule dependencies
  • Unlimited number of calendars or schedules
  • Priority queues
  • Parameter substitution and full password insertion
  • Changing schedules on the fly
  • Real-time monitoring and maintenance
  • Automated syntax checking

  • Reduces the need for manual intervention and offers total control over the timing of jobs
  • Provides total control over job streaming even within a networked environment
  • Eliminates scheduling limitation
  • Provides flexible startup options and resource allocation
  • Eliminates the need to edit JCL manually
  • Reduces down time
  • Provides control over starting and stopping the main schedule
  • Ensures accuracy and speeds the creation of final production schedules
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