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JobRescue is sophisticated job management and error detection software for HP e3000 batch processing environments. By automatically detecting errors and exception messages, JobRescue eliminates the need for manual review of $STDLISTs, making batch processing operations more productive.
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  • Automatic error checking
  • Running as an unattended batch job
  • Online storing and viewing of $STDLISTs
  • Autodial capability
  • Changing error checking on the fly
  • Event driven end of job notification
  • Automatic exception report
  • Logging of job statistics

  • Eliminates the need to review jobs manually
  • Minimizes the need for operator intervention
  • Reduces printing costs
  • JobRescue can page or e-mail with critical messages
  • Reduces down time
  • Optimizes speed and performance of error reporting
  • Contains only error information and reduces review time
  • Provides more information for troubleshooting
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