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  Nobix Viewer for JobRescue & ElectroPage


Nobix Viewer is a Windows® interface for both JobRescue $STDLISTs and ElectroPage reports. It allows your users to perform most of the capabilities of the command-line Status program, but in an easy-to-use Windows interface rather than a terminal emulator. Your users may view, search, print, copy, etc all from this interface.

Best of all, it is available at no charge to JobPak customers that have current support agreements. You can install the viewer on as many PCs as you like. Simply...
  1. Download both components
  2. Make your own activation key or call us for one
  3. Install the software
  4. You are good-to-go


If you have users viewing reports using report mode in the Status program, this new interface will be a big improvement for them. It is easy-to-use, intuitive, and requires little or no training. Viewing, reprinting, copying and pasting is much easier using this interface than even distributing reports via email through JobPak. There is no replication of data, and pages appear, and are viewed, naturally.

Viewing $STDLISTs using a Windows dialog rather than a terminal emulator provides for easy monitoring of job status, with more job property data available for viewing than before. Job data may be easily exported to Excel and other programs. $STDLISTs may be organized into folders or by logs (as currently in the Status program). $STDLISTs may be searched and multiple jobs and reports may be viewed at the same time.


If you have some users logging onto the HP3000 only for report viewing in the Status program, then using this new viewer could eliminate their requirement for direct logon access. The viewer is a tightly controlled client application that does not require a session to be established.

The Nobix Viewer uses the same security scheme used by the Status program. The security level, report & $STDLIST access, and folder organizations are still controlled via the Configix configuration program supplied with JobPak. No configuration data is available through the viewer.

The viewer’s server component on the HP3000 validates users, and controls and logs user access.

Simple Installation

The new viewer software consists of one program installed on a Windows PC, one server program installed in the NSD account on the HP3000, and one server JCL file. The server software that runs on the HP3000 runs in its own job which is not part of the JobPak job. The server software interacts with but does not interfere with JobPak.

No modifications are made to your existing JobPak software or the NSD account structure. The same viewer server works with both JobPak 6.1D and 6.1F. The download from our webserver is less than 1 mb. There is a download package available for uploading to the HP3000 via ftp, and one for uploading via Reflection. No configuration is necessary to install and use this software, as it uses the same data the existing Status program uses. The server program may be installed while JobPak stays running.

The PC and the server installation each take less than 5 minutes and you will immediately see the benefits. There is no limit to the number of viewers you may install on PCs. The standard Windows setup file is less than 1 mb and the download from our webserver takes only a few seconds.

PC Requirements

The Windows PC requirements are Windows XP, Vista, and all Windows Server versions. Both x86 and x64 are supported. Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework or later is required, and is most likely already installed on your PCs.

Example Screen Shots

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