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Monitor your hardware and applications. Customize events to alert on your unique conditions. Capture and interogate SNMP traps. Check for resource levels and availability. Integrates with Exchange Server and sendmail for email content monitoring.



Alerts are triggered from applications, events, email, and SNMP traps. Notify your people using text, email, pagers and interactive voice. Supports SMTP email, SMS text, TAP, SNPP, and Dialogic telephony.



When no response is received after the time period you specify, the alert is sent to others in the alert list you setup by problem type. Alerts can continue in a loop, be broadcast to everyone at once, or automatically cancel themselves.


PageAlert is notification and alerting software, providing advanced messaging and escalation management with built-in event and SNMP trap monitoring.

Working alone or with your existing system monitoring products, PageAlert automatically transmits text/voice/paging alerts to the appropriate people as soon as a problem occurs, and then escalates if no response is received.



Notifications from your applications and operating systems can be automatically sent as voice, text, email, or paging messages as soon as problems are detected.

PageAlert's core funtionality keeps IT personnel informed of exceptions, problems and events such as system and hardware failures, application errors, threshold exceptions, and completed tasks.

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