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  Nobix, Inc.

For well over two decades, Nobix has been providing the best value in the IT management software market. Nobix delivers IT management products specifically for job scheduling and problem alerting and notification at a price lower than alternative products. Nobix's simple yet powerful products provide the core functionality required to cost-effectively manage interdependent IT jobs and deliver problem alerts across AIX®, HP-UX®, Linux®, MPE/iX®, Solaris® and Windows® systems.

Based in San Ramon, California, Nobix serves thousands of customers who have benefited by using Nobix products to simplify and automate their IT management functions.

Here are just a few Nobix customers who are currently benefiting by using Nobix products:

Hewlett-Packard     Harvard University
Aetna     Emdeon
Wall Street Concepts Investment Services     U.C. San Diego
Diamond Walnut Growers     Atlantic Federal Credit Union
AIG Hawaii     QVC (Germany)
City of Santa Monica - Rent Control     Ministry of Health (Ontario, Canada)
Hanson Aggregates (United Kingdom)     Warner Brothers
3M     General Electric Motors
Midland Paper Company     Shaklee U.S., Inc.

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